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Customize a product that fits your event with the company logo or activity design. Use to Advertise and then create a memory keepsake for attendees. Unlimited items available. Send a product inquiry and design for quotation.

Promotional Products Utah

One of the trademark features of charity events, community celebrations and corporate get-togethers is the presence of promotional products—they’re great for getting the word out about an event, and they continue to advertise your organization even after the event is over. When you need promotional products in Utah, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Hats: Whether it’s for your company softball team or your business’ annual picnic, a hat bearing your company logo is a great and practical promotional product recipients can wear for years. Just think of all the free advertising you’ll get over time!
  • Shirts: Next time you’re out in a crowded place, look around and see how many t-shirts you spot that came from a charity run or other special event. The people wearing those shirts aren’t just walking billboards—they’re also remembering the good times they had and thinking fondly of the groups that organized those events. Call Incentives Plus to learn how your organization can benefit from promotional shirts.
  • Mugs: Durable and useful, a custom coffee mug makes a great giveaway for your company banquet, alumni event or any other occasion. And when you order from Incentives Plus, we can provide large as well as small quantities, meaning you can design a coffee mug for everyone in your organization, whether you’re a huge corporation or a mom-and-pop shop.
  • Pens: Not every promotional product needs to be as splashy as a t-shirt. For those times you want to spread the word about your organization in a more subtle fashion, ink pens with your company logo, address and phone number make a fantastic choice.

Custom Promotional Products Utah

These are just a few of the items we’re able to create for you. Next time you’re planning a special event or community function, why not raise awareness and create memories by providing high quality promotional products? Call Incentives Plus at 801-563-5872 to learn more about what we can do for you, or to place an order for promo products in Utah.